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The automotive industry is moving rapidly towards increased electrification and advanced connectivity.

We can develop formulations that help this transition in various ways including:
  • Compounds that protect connector sealing againstmoisture
  • Compounds that strengthen high-voltage insulation and component assemblies
  • Compounds that improve overall energy efficiency through lightweight components
The versatility of silicone means that applications extend to virtually all areas of automotive production.

The characteristics that give silicone rubber almost unlimited potential

  • Outstanding low-temperature flexibility and high-temperature resistance
  • Excellent compression set
  • High resistance to chemicals and environmental influences
  • Water-repellent surface
  • High transparency, almost no limits on pigmentation
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Good flame resistance, non-toxic combustion products in the event of a fire
  • Neutral taste and odour
  • Easy to process
  • Can be adjusted from electrical insulating to semiconducting
  • Good radiation resistance

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