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Compounds formulated to meet even the most challenging applications

Silicone compounds

A completely independent company, we are free to source raw materials from any of the large silicone manufacturers around the world.

We have the technical expertise to formulate compounds that meet the most demanding specifications. Low temperature applications, formulations conforming to industry-specific criteria, compounds with excellent resistance to fuels and solvents over a wide temperature range, high-strength compounds, custom formulations for an individual company’s highly specialist requirements – whatever the application, we have the expertise to help.

We also have a wide range of standard compounds for customers not requiring a custom solution, giving us the ability to respond to your needs in the most flexible way possible.

Compound hardnesses range from 10 – 90 IRHD.


At all times our approach is customer focused. Where other silicone companies restrict the options they offer, we give you a virtually unlimited choice.


We have a policy of on-going investment in equipment. We currently have roll mills, z-blade mixers, z-blade mixers/extruders, dough mixers, barwells and transfer moulding presses.

View our new laboratory’s product development and testing facilities.

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